Brush Up On: Insurance

May 19, 2019

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

You missed our LIVE Insurance webinar, but you can still get caught up on the content and resources shared below:

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Just as many people get confused about insurance, many teachers get confused about teaching insurance! Check out the slides for this webinar to brush up on insurance knowledge like:

- What are some basic types of insurance available to consumers, and what are some likely use cases for each?
- How does your personal information impact your individual risk level?
- What are some factors that affect insurance premiums?
- and more...

This was one of the webinars in a series offered by NGPF that's focusing on CONTENT KNOWLEDGE so you can feel better prepared and more confident when teaching your students about this topic.

It highlights NGPF resources that teachers have told us they love so you too can incorporate them in your classroom!

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