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NGPF’s 9-Week Course is the perfect curriculum to use if your school runs on trimesters or quarters, or if your students need more streamlined content with fewer formal exams.

Using complete lesson plans, fun activities, and daily exit tickets, this course lays a solid personal finance foundation in an always up-to-date digital format.

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National Standards for Personal Financial Literacy
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View Taxes Unit Plan >

9WK-1.1 Taxes and Your Pay Stub

9WK-1.3 The Tax Cycle & Job Paperwork

View Checking Unit Plan >

9WK-2.4 Mobile Banking & Payment Apps

View Saving Unit Plan >

9WK-3.2 The Challenges to Saving

View Paying For College Unit Plan >

9WK-4.3 Scholarships and Grants

View Types of Credit Unit Plan >

9WK-5.3 Young People & Credit Cards

9WK-5.5 Understanding Auto Loans

View Managing Credit Unit Plan >

9WK-6.4 Why Credit Score Matters

View Investing Unit Plan >

9WK-7.2 Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds

View Insurance Unit Plan >

9WK-8.1 Insurance as Vital Risk Management

9WK-8.4 Other Types of Insurance

View Budgeting Unit Plan >

9WK-9.1 Case Study: How Do I Budget?

9WK-9.3 Create a Salary-Based Budget

9WK-9.4 Budgeting with Roommates