The Middle School 9-Week Course


NOTE: This course is a work in progress.

As of 7/2/20, Units 2-9 are available to use. 
Unit 1 and Assessments will be released in August!



The NGPF Middle School 9-Week course is perfect for delivering personal finance to your middle school students. Covering 9 units, this course will help your students build core personal finance skills and learn real-world strategies they can use. Through engaging resources and activities, students will practice these skills so they can get started on the right track to effectively manage their personal finances! 


This course consists of forty-five 60-minute class periods, which creates 9 weeks of daily instruction. Administering assessments may take additional time. 

Topic Inclusion:

This course will cover the following topics in order:
The Value of a Dollar, Consumer Skills, Budgeting, Credit, Saving, Investing, Protecting Yourself, Prepare for Success,
and Life After High School


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