Budgeting Fincap Fridays

Famous and Frugal

While celebrities are known for living lavish lifestyles, many actually try to save money. For many of them, one of the only reasons they are considered wealthy to this day is by saving a large chunk of their paychecks.

Nike Eyes Growing Feet

Nike Adventure Club is a subscription service for children's sneakers that collect outgrown sneakers and donate them to kids in need, or recycle them by breaking them down and turning it into other products.

Romance & Finance

A new survey shows that younger and younger generations are really struggling to come up with the money to pay for weddings, and it makes sense because the average cost of a wedding in the United States is getting higher and higher!

From Catalogs to Clicks

Shopping has evolved from looking at catalogs to going online and buying things with one click. This has caused lots of impulse buys that people regret. It is important to know how to avoid the dangers of one click buying.

Protective Parents

Parents want their children to be self-sustaining members of society, but paying for them to access everyday things can create a pattern of dependency. Research shows that older Americans dealth with this in the pandemic.

Average American Budget

Viral posts about the amount earned by American workers cause debate. One professor showed that college students don't always know about the workforce and a TikToker got slammed for saying $10k is not enough per month.

Cash Flash from the Past

There's a new rising trend showing up on TikTok called "cash stuffing." It's old school budgeting in its rawest form, being popularized by the new school. With each paycheck, cash stuffers pull out their envelopes and go to work.

Food Waste Due to Expiration Dates

Do you know the difference between the many "expiration" dates on food items? There's sell by, use by, best by, among so many more. These labels vary widely by state, but one thing they all have in common is they lead to food waste!

Prices Have Grown for Food at Home

For the first time ever, it may be cheaper to dine out than buy groceries and prepare a meal for family and friends on Thanksgiving in 2022! Prices are up for holiday staples such as turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

Save a Dime on Valentine's

Data suggests that Valentine’s Day will be a most loved holiday despite uncertainly about the future of the economy and high inflation rates at the start of the 2023 year. This episode looks at a few tips for saving money on V Day.