Career Fincap Fridays

FinCap Friday: Ghost Stories

People are starting to "ghost" their jobs by just deciding to stop showing up one day. While avoiding an awkward conversation might seem worth it, this may end up hurting you in the long run.

FinCap Friday: Human vs. Machine

AI or Artificial Intelligence comes up in the news often being linked to a job killer. This makes it very important to try and learn skills that can’t easily be replaced by a robot.

FinCap Friday: Teen Job Trends

In 2017 only 35% of teenagers were working a summer job, a big decrease from the year 2000. Many teens are missing out on learning skills you may not learn in school, such as time management and making money to save/invest.

FinCap Friday: Getting Paid or Getting Played?

In the past, the majority of people either picked up a check or set up direct deposit in order to get paid. Recently a new way to get paid called a payroll card has been gaining traction. Even though they may seem more convenient there are many things to watch out for before accepting these payroll cards.

FinCap Friday: Beyonce the Entrepreneur

One of the things Beyonce is best at is being an entrepreneur. She made many decisions that may seem crazy at the time but have made her tons of money in the long run.

FinCap Friday: Summer Jobs

Recently, many teens have decided not to get summer jobs. Working a job as a teen can give you income to save for the future, and experience/professional contacts which can help immensely in the future.

FinCap Friday: Impress for Success

Many employers say soft skills are the most important in an applicant. Soft skills are the skills that help people work and socialize well with other people. A good way to start building and practicing them is to prepare and use an elevator pitch.

FinCap Friday: Working Women Are Winning

As of December 2019 there are now more women working in the US than men, which is rare in American history. This is because a lot of jobs traditionally done by women are harder to replace with machines.

FinCap Friday: Smile More, Get Hired

Many job interviews are going virtual! A.I. looks at things like your facial expressions and movements, speaking voice, and word choice to decide if you are among the best, most qualified candidates for the job or not.

FinCap Friday: When Life Gives You Lemons...

In the 1st week of April 2020, the number of Americans who lost their jobs hit over 6.5 million as a direct result of Covid-19. This episode covers what to do if you've been affected by this personally.

FinCap Friday: Education Saves Jobs

The unemployment rate rose drastically in April 2020. Not only does pursuing higher education tend to correlate with higher earnings over time, but data shows a correlation with higher job security, especially during rough economic times.