Checking Questions of the Day

How many checks does the average American write each year?

How quickly do you need to report a stolen debit card to get all your money back?

[LGBTQIA+ Pride Month]: What action does ""Bad with Money"" podcast host Gaby Dunn recommend to better your financial habits?

What percent of Americans used contactless payments during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020?

What percent of Gen Zers use an online bank?

How many of the top 5 finance apps can you name?

Did a higher percentage of families use online banking OR write a check within a 12 month period?

What is the average fee when you overdraw your checking account using your debit card?

93% of employees receive their paycheck via: a) Cash b) Direct Deposit c) Check

Which tech company do consumers trust the most to handle their finances: Amazon, Google or Apple?

What percent of consumers will only shop at stores that offer a contactlesss ("tap to pay") payment option?

How many payment transactions does a consumer make in a typical month?

How Do People Pay For Things?

What percent of Gen Z has never written a physical check to pay a bill?

What is the #1 contactless (mobile wallet) payment method?

How do most Americans pay bills: online, automatic, or other (by phone/by mail/in-person)?

Is more money stolen through hacks of cryptocurrency (e.g., bitcoin) accounts or bank robberies?

If a bank mistakenly deposits $100,000 into your bank account, is it now YOUR money?