Checking Questions of the Day

How many of the top 10 Financial Apps can you Name?

Which tech company do consumers trust the most to handle their finances: Amazon, Google or Apple?

If a bank mistakenly deposits $100,000 into your bank account, is it now YOUR money?

How many checks does the average American write each year?

Is more money stolen through hacks of cryptocurrency (e.g., bitcoin) accounts or bank robberies?

How do most Americans pay bills: online, automatic, or other (by phone/by mail/in-person)?

How many payment transactions does a consumer make in a typical month?

What is the average fee when you overdraw your checking account using your debit card?

82% of employees receive their paycheck...

What is the #1 contactless (mobile wallet) payment method?

What percent of Gen Z has never written a physical check to pay a bill?

How Do People Pay For Things?