Checking Questions of the Day

If a bank mistakenly deposits $100,000 into your bank account, is it now YOUR money?

How many checks does the average American write each year?

What is the average fee when you overdraw your checking account using your debit card?

[LGBTQIA+ Pride Month]: What action does ""Bad with Money"" podcast host Gaby Dunn recommend to better your financial habits?

How quickly do you need to report a stolen debit card to get all your money back?

What percent of branch banks offer "free" student checking accounts?

93% of employees receive their paycheck...

What's the top financial app in the App Store: Venmo, Cash App or PayPal?

What did people use as payment most in 2020: credit card, cash, or mobile wallet?

What percent of teens don’t know the difference between a debit card and a credit card?

Rank order these payment types from most to least popular with consumers: cash, debit card and credit card.

What percent of Gen Zers are comfortable downloading a bank’s app to open an account with them?

How many payment transactions does a consumer make in a typical month?

Do consumers send more money on Venmo or spend more money on Amazon?

What percent of Gen Z (14-21 year olds) have a payment app on their phone?