Checking Questions of the Day

What percent of 18-24 year olds anticipate using a bank branch in the next two years?

How high would monthly fees need to be to make 18-21 year olds switch banks?

How many payment transactions does a consumer make in a typical month?

What is the most popular finance app in the IOS (iPhone) Store?

What is the #1 contactless (mobile wallet) payment method?

How do most Americans pay bills: online, automatic, or other (by phone/by mail/in-person)?

How much did consumers pay in overdraft fees in 2017 (in billions)?

What is most cited reason people give for not having a bank account?

Is more money stolen through hacks of cryptocurrency (e.g., bitcoin) accounts or bank robberies?

How much do 18-24 year olds pay annually in overdraft fees?

What's the top financial app in the App Store: Venmo, Cash App or PayPal?

What percent of Gen Z (14-21 year olds) have a payment app on their phone?

Is there a fee if you don't have enough money in your bank account to cover a debit card transaction?

Credit Card, Debit Card or Checks? What Is Most Prevalent Form of Payment?

Where do consumers use their debit cards most?

What is the most popular financial app on the iPhone?

82% of employees receive their paycheck...

How quickly do you need to report a stolen debit card to get all your money back?

What is the average fee when you overdraw your checking account using your debit card?

How do people pay for things (by age)?

What are the most used alerts that consumers set up on their bank accounts?

What is the average annual cost of a checking account?

What is the average fee to take money out of a non-network ATM?

What percent of millennials are comfortable carrying no cash with them?