Consumer Skills Fincap Fridays

Leading Ladies Boost Economies

What do Beyoncé, Barbie and Taylor Swift all have in common? They're the “bosses of the boost” to the economy for the summer of 2023! Experts say spending is up nationwide this summer, thanks in large part to these three!

New Year, New Habits

New surveys show that many Americans want to be smarter with money in 2021, but past studies show that people are not very good at sticking to new year's resolutions. What are some ways to stick to our goals?

Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later loans (also called point-of-sale loans) from companies such as Affirm & Afterpay allow customers to buy products now & pay later. Payment usually spans over months. But consumer advocates say to be careful!

Caught in the Web

Many companies are beginning to use "dark patterns" to trick us into doing things that we may not want to do when we go online. Why is this becoming more popular with big corporations and what are some recent examples?

Diversity in Film and TV

May is AAPI Month each year in the US. A recent record-breaking hit at the box office shows that Asian representation in film and TV is changing for the better. Many wonder if this impacts profitabiity in the industry.

Five Star Phonies

In 2019 it was estimated that more than 30% of online reviews on major websites are fake. To avoid being tricked by fake reviews, you should pay attention to the number of reviews, read the comments, and look at the dates.

Friending, Then Spending

Data shows an increase in social media usage over time. This trend does not lead to good things for the younger generations, who are experiencing advanced advertising and marketing techniques as a daily norm.

Hackers Plan Global Bank Heist

In Aug 2018 the FBI received reports of cybercriminals that were trying to withdraw unlimited amounts of cash out of ATM’s using stolen debit cards. People need to make sure that their cards and other financial information is secure.

Laws & Bills About Money Skills

More and more states around the country are introducing bills about financial education. Parents and students want schools to teach more personal finance topics. So, what's the status of financial education in America?

Lessons About Recessions

We could all use a better understanding of what recessions are and how they impact our economy. Let's start by defining a recession and explore the psychological and social impacts of economic recessions.

Money Goes Mainstream

It seems that financial education is popping up everywhere in mainstream media lately. Podcasts, documentaries and a weekly docuseries all focus on money in early 2023. Will this trend continue?

Save a Dime on Valentine's

Data suggests that Valentine’s Day will be a most loved holiday despite uncertainly about the future of the economy and high inflation rates at the start of the 2023 year. This episode looks at a few tips for saving money on V Day.

Scams & Traps on Social Media Apps

Scammers are evolving their tactics on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, targeting users with direct money requests, fake gifts, and deceptive ads. Guess who is most affected? Find out in this week's episode!

Second-Hand Saving

Teenagers driving the popularity of second-hand fashion is a pattern that can be observed throughout history, but in 2022 a report showed that there is a record high growth rate for second-hand shopping and it's being led by Gen Z!

Shipping It Twice

Many stores have stricter return policies due to a number of problems with customers returning goods after purchase, and even more shoplifting in stores! What tips do you need to keep in mind when shopping this holiday season?

So Over Overconsumption

A new viral TikTok trend among influencers, called "de-influencing," has creators telling followers NOT to buy stuff. Social media is riddled with nudges to consume, so how can influencers make money if they stop?

Super Bowl Spending

Brands are gearing up for advertising’s biggest night and dropping hints and teasers in the lead up to the big game. 2023 Super Bowl ads are going for the highest amount of millions in sports history, according to reports.

Teenagers Making Wagers

In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting, paving the way for at least 36 states to legalize the practice. Now, a concerning trend has followed... teens and children gambling more!

Trick or Treats

In mid-2022, experts began noticing that inflation was impacting chocolate. Soon that spread to more types of candy sitting on shelves across the country. Rising prices hit just in time to scare customers as they shop for Halloween!

The Endless Stream

Digital media has been growing in the past few years, as streaming is cheaper than traditional TV. However, you need to be careful not to sign up for too many subscriptions, as the amount of money will end up surpassing traditional TV.

TikTok Made Me Buy It

With approximately one billion users, the viral app TikTok has grown an audience with incredible spending power. Users spending money in the app can propel a business to record-breaking sales! But is this a good thing?

Tis the Season of Scammers

Between Nov 2017 and Jan 2018, online fraud increased by 22%. The amount of fraud skyrockets during the holiday season every year making it important to know hot to recognize a scam.

Pain in the Supply Chain

Headlines detailing the "supply chain crisis" in the US and globally have popped up! What does this term actually mean and how can we understand the basics of this problem? Tune in for the breakdown!

Paying for Prom

How much does prom cost for the average teen? Most people are shocked to see the real cost and learn the factors involved in the total cost, as well as the layers of pressure involved in spending decisions related to prom.

Scammed When You Scan

Since the start of the pandemic, people have become more comfortable using smartphone cameras to scan QR codes. But, cybersecurity experts say QR codes also created new opportunities for fraudsters!

Viral or Vicious?

This FinCap Friday addresses the dangers that come along with all the wealth of financial advice that has exploded on social media including stock scams and new avenues for hackers.