Insurance Fincap Fridays

Campfire Tales

In 2019 a girl was bitten by a snake at a summer camp, resulting in a bill of over $143,000 for medical fees. This shows how important it is to have good health insurance to protect yourself from these large unexpected costs.

Drive Well, Pay Less

Statistics have shown that the younger you are, the more car accidents you experience, and the more you pay monthly for car insurance. This leads to teenagers having very high premiums for auto insurance.

Healthcare Haste

In a pre-covid environment, many Americans went about their lives without any health insurance coverage. Recent data indicates that the pandemic may have changed this behavior for many people.

Unsure of Insurance

With the use of technology spiking across many industries, it is no doubt that it will be impactful with insurance. For car insurance premiums, companies are starting to use "telematics" to see how careful of a driver you are!

When Water Does Damage

Recent natural disasters have had a major impact on the financial lives of Americans. Many homeowners and renters alike were shocked to find out that certain things are not covered by their existing insurance policies!

Protect Your Pay

Disability insurance needs vary depending on the specific circumstances and individual risk factors someone lives with. How can someone determine what disability insurance needs they might have? Find out in this episode!