Investing Fincap Fridays

Say "OK" to the 401k

New data from Fidelity shows a trend with millionaires who have used 401k accounts to build their wealth. But what are 401k accounts and how can young professionals use them wisely to become the next generation of millionaires?

Crypto Gone Global

El Salvador made the news as the first official country to announce major news regarding using one type of cryptocurrency as legal tender. Many experts are predicting that this trend will continue.

Women in the C-Suite

In a historic IPO, Rent the Runway. made headlines for being the first to have all women leadership in the C-suite. Now the question is: "Why is it so rare for women leaders to get this kind of support?"

Crypto Going Global?

El Salvador made the news as the first official country to announce major news regarding using one type of cryptocurrency as legal tender. Many experts are predicting that this trend will continue.

A Hazard to Your Wealth

The interesting trend that occurred when casinos closed and sports betting was no longer possible. Why is it so tempting for people who invest to trade stocks instead of investing for the long term?

10/26/2018 - Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

In Oct 2018 someone won the Mega Millions lottery, gaining around $1.5 Billion., even though you only have a 1 in 330 million chance of winning. However, you can still become a millionaire through investing and saving your money.

Bitcoin Bonanza!

Bitcoin was a hot, buzzing topic several years ago and then it fizzled. In late 2020 and early 2021, however, it came back with a bang! Hitting its highest value ever, the digital currency was sure to make headlines.

Until the Game Stops

In late January of 2021, GameStop (GME), was all over the news because of a stock market frenzy. So many people are left with questions about the events that occurred and this episode breaks down the basics.

The Rise of NFTs

It seems that every news article and television news segment has been reporting about NFTs recently - a relatively new asset that can be bought and sold digitally using blockchain technology!

From IPO to IP Whoa!

Major headlines shared updates about IPOs in late 2020, the year of record-setting IPOs - but it's important to understand how the IPO process actually works and what the pros and cons of IPO investing might be.

The Raging Bull

From 2009 to 2018 the S&P 500 more than quadrupled. Unfortunately not many young people take advantage of the high ROI through investing in the stock market.

Wanna Split An Apple?

There has been a buzz around two of the largest companies in the US stock market, Apple and Tesla. Many investors and non-investors alike are chatting more and more about recent news related to these companies.

Capitalizing on Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a global impact. America has seen its biggest stock market drop since the 2008 financial crisis, and companies who depend on factories in China are now stuck with no supply for demand.

When the Mean is Nice

Active funds are investing in individual stocks, which is risky as the companies chosen might not do well. Index funds are accounts with lower fees that takes the average of the stock market making it a safer option.

Gaming Gone Global

Many people choose to invest in gaming companies, as its market is worth a lot. There are funds where you invest in many different companies, so for those who want to invest but don't know much about games, this can be profitable.

Bonds, Lame Bonds

Bonds lend your money to a company or to the government, and they pay you back later with some interest. However there are negative interest rate bonds, which are bought by people who are afraid of investing in riskier investments.

Strong Shoe Game

Many young adults are interested in sneaker collecting. This has led to the price of limited editions sneakers to skyrocket and what initially could have been purchased for around a hundred dollars can now be resold for thousands.

Is I.P.O. the Way To Go?

People are always interested in companies that decide to do an IPO or inital public offering. This is when companies decide to sell stock on the stock market. However, this may not be the safest investment making.

The $80 Million Pizza

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. While some people have been able to make millions off of bitcoin there are still many dangers. This makes it important to learn about all the dangers before ever investing in bitcoin.

Playing With F.I.R.E.

A community called Financially Independent, Retire Young is a group of very young people that are able to retire early. They do this by saving and investing a majority of their earnings and are now able to live off of that money.