Paying for College Fincap Fridays

Tuition, Fees, & Books, Oh My!

While the amount of money for college may seem overwhelming, there are many ways to lower the price through scholarships and aid. You can pay the rest with loans and any money you have saved up from high school.

Show Me the Money!

Many college grads end up with a job as a retail employee and such, so is college really worth it? Yes, college graduates make over $400,000 more than people without, proof of the benefit a college education can provide.

And The Award Goes To...

If you decide to go to college and apply for financial aid, you will receive a financial aid award letter. This letter will tell you exactly how much aid you will be getting and help you figure out how much money you will spend on college.

Be Fast with the FAFSA

To get financial aid for college, you need to file for the FAFSA. Grants, loans, and work study are offered at a first come first served basis, so it is better to file for the FAFSA as soon as possible.

FAFSA in the Fall

The number of FAFSA applications being submitted yearly has declined steadily. This year that trend continued to due to the pandemic, but many experts are saying that families shouldn't be too quick to give up on FAFSA!

Are College Degrees Worth the Fees?

Life in the midst of a pandemic comes with a lot of uncertainty. Many wonder if college is worth the prioce tag in a rapidly changing economy. What are the latest arguments for and against attaining a college degree?

Gotta Learn Before You Earn

Many Americans lack money management skills, and the only way to fix that is through learning about personal finance. Studies show that Americans who get personal finance in school were smarter about paying for college.

Guaranteed Access

April is recognized as Financial Literacy Awareness Month in America. News and media tell stories and share data about the importance of financial education. But who has guaranteed access to financial education?

Got Student Loans? You're Not Alone

Many people are using the phrase "student loan debt crisis" to describe the current situation regarding the amount of Americans who have outstanding student loan debt and the ballooning amount owed in total.