Semester Course

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SC-3.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

SC-3.1 - Save Early & Often

SC-3.2 - The Challenges to Saving

SC-3.3 - Strategies to Save

SC-3.4 - Where to Save

9-Week Course

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9WK-3.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

9WK-3.1 - Save Early & Often

9WK-3.2 - The Challenges to Saving

9WK-3.3 - Strategies to Save

9WK-3.4 - Where to Save

Full Year Course

FY-2.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

FY-2.1 - Saving Basics

FY-2.2 - Why We Save

FY-2.3 - How We Save

FY-2.4 - Select a Savings Account