Types of Credit Fincap Fridays


Many people are paying using tap-to-pay or their phones. Visa has announced that all new credit cards will come with it included. Many are still skeptical about its security, but TTP will make payments much easier in the future.

Split Your Payment in a Split Second

Many new fintech companies are offering installment payment plans so that buyers can split their purchases into smaller payments over a long time instead of paying it all up front. However, there are additional fees to pay attention to.

Deals on Wheels

The majority of people looking to buy a car will use financing. Many also choose to try to lease a car as it is a cheaper option. But, there are still many reasons that paying the extra money to finance a car is worth it in the long run.

Cars During Covid

A surprising new trend has come about regarding cars during the time of covid. Experts are warning Americans to be careful with cars and there is a clear reason why they think cars can be more dangerous than we may think.

No Credit Score, No Problem

A new pilot program was announced in May 2021 with a clear goal to create more accessibility in lending and credit. But, while some people are in full support of the new ideas, others are speaking out against them.

Who Likes Rate Hikes?

Breaking news about The Fed raising interest rates is making it's way around the headlines of major news outlets, but most people still don't know why this move matters? Many are wondering how this impacts them.

Do We Have Your Interest Yet?

In December 2018, the Fed raised the interest rate to 2.5%. This will affect consumers as it will increase the interest rates people pay for things like student loans.