Jun 25, 2024

Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) Grant for Wisconsin Educators

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) is committed to supporting the implementation of Wisconsin's personal finance course guarantee for high schoolers through industry-leading curriculum, no-cost professional development, and a new stipend opportunity. If you're an educator in Wisconsin, read on for more details. 

With Governor Evers signing Act 60 into law at the end of 2023, Wisconsin high school students are guaranteed to graduate with a half-credit of Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) education, starting with the class of 2028. Wisconsin’s students will be equipped with the financial knowledge needed to set them up for financial success in their future.

NGPF is providing $500 stipends to the first 250 Wisconsin teachers who complete 20 hours of NGPF professional development – including FinCamps, On-Demand Modules (make sure to check out the NGPF Starter Pack!) , Certification Courses, Virtual PD, and  Virtual Conferences.



Who is eligible to receive the $500 professional development stipend? 

The first 250 Wisconsin public high school teachers who complete 20 hours of NGPF professional development within the program timeframe (see below). 


When does the PD need to be completed? 

The 20 hours of PD need to be completed between January 1, 2024 and June 30, 2026. (If you have completed 20 hours within this timeframe, prior to the announcement of this program on 6/25/24, you are eligible.)


How many hours does the FinCamp count for? 

You will receive seven Academy credits/hours for the NGPF day of the FinCamp.


Where can I sign up for these professional development workshops?

Registration is easy and all PD is free. Visit the On-Demand, Certification Course, Virtual PD, Virtual Conference, and FinCamp pages to get started.


When and how will the stipends be provided?

NGPF will process stipends on a monthly rolling basis and you will be emailed a $500 Amazon e-gift card if you have completed 20 hours of PD. Everything is tracked automatically – there is nothing you need to submit.


I already completed 20 hours of NGPF PD before the start of this program on January 1, 2024. Will I receive a $500 stipend for this prior work?

No. The $500 stipend will only be given for hours completed starting on January 1, 2024.


If I complete 40 hours of PD, will I be eligible for an additional stipend?

We encourage everyone to take as much PD as desired but because we want to reach as many teachers as possible, each teacher is only eligible for one $500 Amazon e-gift card. 


Who do I contact with questions about the stipend?

Please email info@ngpf.org with any questions. Please do not contact NGPF to confirm your PD hours. 


About the Author

Ryan Wood

Ryan grew up with and maintains a love for learning. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a degree in Business Administration and worked in sports marketing for a number of years. After living in Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, and Minnesota, the call of education eventually brought Ryan back to his home state of Wisconsin where he was a Business and Marketing teacher for three years. In his free time he likes to spend time with his wife and daughter, play basketball, read, and go fishing. Now with NGPF, Ryan is excited to help teachers lead the most important course their students will ever take.

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