Maybe the first NGPF resource you implemented was an absolute winner and you're now just looking for the next best thing. Or, maybe the first try had some kinks you're still learning to work through. In either case, we're providing just two more ideas on becoming an NGPF Pro -- your final step!


Let’s Go! On to Step 5! 




NGPF Academy

NGPF Academy recognizes and rewards teachers for participating in NGPF Professional Development activities. For each hour of professional development, a teacher earns one NGPF Academy credit. Teachers receive rewards for attaining escalating credit levels.

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My Account

Click on My Account in the upper right hand corner of From the My Account page, you'll be able to:

  • Click My NGPF Academy to view credits you've earned or access your past PD Certificates.
  • Request NGPF Answer Keys be resent to your Teacher Account email address.
  • Register for Virtual PDs or Webinars (both 1 hour, online) and Virtual FinCamps (multi-hour, online)
  • Register for FinCamps [Currently canceled due to Covid-19] (6 hours, in-person) and FinCamp PLUS (2 days, in-person).

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While we spice up your PD options, you can spice up your lessons with these popular resources. Found under the Resources tab in our top menu or on any Unit Page, Questions of the Day and FinCap Fridays are the perfect way to kick off your class.




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 You did it!

You finished all 5 Steps and have become an NGPF Pro! 


We appreciate your commitment to your students and your own professional development as an educator. Next Gen Personal Finance first opened shop in 2014 with a few lesson plans and a mission to increase the financial capability of high school students nationwide. We've grown along the way, and you are now one of more than 30,000 teachers that are using NGPF to shape their classroom instruction.


We're glad you're one of them. 

Tim & Jessica, NGPF Cofounders


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