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5-E (or Inquiry Based) Learning Model

What It Is

The 5-E Lesson Plan (also known as Inquiry-based) is one proven system that helps teachers boost student engagement, whether in person, online, or blended. Once students are motivated to practice the skills their teachers are asking them to, learning-by-doing takes over, with teachers guiding, questioning, challenging, encouraging, clarifying, and redirecting.

Bloom's Taxonomy

What It Is

This hierarchical ordering of cognitive, affective, and sensory skills helps teachers classify and target specific learning goals. Bloom’s Taxonomy is used when designing objectives and learning processes.

Constructionism & Constructivism

What is Is

Constructionism and constructivism is the study of how learners actively construct meaning of newly learned content by building on unique previous experiences and knowledge. This theory puts students at the center of the learning process, where they construct their own understanding of the topic.

Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

What It Is

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge is a useful tool for teachers to categorize tasks and learning objectives based on the complexity of the skill required to complete the task successfully. By categorizing activities, teachers can measure student understanding through specific language about the depth and extent of learning.