The NGPF Semester Course is perfect for those teachers who have an entire semester devoted to personal finance concepts: It features lesson plans to meet diverse learning styles; rigorous, engaging activities throughout the term; and a digital format so that content is always up-to-date and accessible.

  • Diagnostic, Midterm & Final exams
  • 9 unit tests
  • 1-2 options for alternative Summative Assignments for each of 9 units
  • Final project


Note: This retired version of the Semester Course is no longer actively maintained by the NGPF Curriculum team. We highly recommend using the revamped version of the Semester Course!

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View Money and Me Unit Plan >

SC-0.2 Social Media and Spending

View [RETIRED] Taxes Unit Plan >

SC-1.3 The Tax Cycle & Job Paperwork

View [RETIRED] Checking Unit Plan >

SC-2.4 Mobile Banking & Payment Apps

View [RETIRED] Saving Unit Plan >

SC-3.2 The Challenges to Saving

View [RETIRED] Investing Unit Plan >

SC-7.3 Bonds, Diversification, & Asset Allocation

SC-7.6 What’s Your Investment Strategy?

SC-7.7 Types of Retirement Accounts

View [RETIRED] Insurance Unit Plan >

SC-8.4 Finding a Health Insurance Plan

SC-8.5 Other Types of Insurance

SC-8.6 Financial Impact of Insurance