Behavioral Economics Fincap Fridays

Friending, Then Spending

Data shows an increase in social media usage over time. This trend does not lead to good things for the younger generations, who are experiencing advanced advertising and marketing techniques as a daily norm.

Scroll, Tap, Pay

Instagram has a new feature called checkout, allowing you to purchase products directly from Instagram instead of having to visit another website. While this may seen convenient, it makes it easier for people to impulse buy.

Biases Behind Choices

As humans, we make judgments about people, opportunities, policies, markets & more. A recent report of generational banking and financial beliefs/habits from BAI shares findings about Generation Z's biases.

Deals for Days

Every year, people go bonkers for the shopping deals that come around the day after Thanksgiving. This is known as Black Friday. But what's the big deal about it anyway? And, will things change in 2020 & beyond because of covid?

Financial FOMO

Pre-pandemic, people though of FOMO as feeling left out of event you didn't attend. But, since the world has become much more digital, FOMO has been adapted by companies and marketing agencies trying to get us to spend more.

4/2/2021 - Viral or Vicious?

The personal finance community on social media is large! There are many who believe that this type of content is life-changing in a positive way, others think there are more negative aspects to financial advice on social media.