Checking Fincap Fridays

FinCap Friday: Disappearing Dollars

Many people are talking about having a cashless society in the future, where you can only pay using a cashless transaction. While this may seem like a good idea there are many reasons why completely banning cash is a bad idea.

FinCap Friday: Bye Bye Banks?

Younger customers have started to switch over to using online financial services instead of the more traditional banks. This is due to the speed and savings one can get through these online services compared to banks.

FinCap Friday: That's Gross!

It's important to check your paystub, as over 50% of workers in the US have had an issue with it at some point in their career. Look for any deductions and work benefits to make sure everything is right.

FinCap Friday: Peer-to-Peer Apps Go Head-to-Head

Venmo has been trying to keep up with p2p payment apps like CashApp that are implementing more deposit methods. Regardless of which app you use, there is a security risk when you connect it directly to your bank account.

FinCap Friday: Google Makes Bank

Google has plans to offer smart checking accounts in 2020 by partnering with bank who would handle the actual accounts, while Google just handles the smart tech features. This new technology will make banking faster, cheaper and a lot more user friendly.

FinCap Friday: Banned From Banks

Many unbanked people had to wait several months longer than banked people for stimulus checks via mail. Some people have a hard time opening bank accounts because of their poor record with ChexSystems.

FinCap Friday: Protection or Deception?

Yearly overdraft fees have increased steadily. Some financial institutions have stopped charging overdraft fees during the pandemic, but many continue. What are these fees, anyway - and why do most banks still charge them?