Managing Credit Fincap Fridays

FinCap Friday: How To Get Extra Credit

Before loaning you money, banks will look at your FICO credit score to determine if and how much money they will lend you. FICO has announced they are creating a new ultra credit score that also looks at your checking account.

FinCap Friday: The Credit Deep Freeze

Over 140 million people’s data was stolen when Equifax, a credit reporting company, was hacked. Many minors think they aren’t affected by this, but they are actually one of the groups with the highest risk of identity theft.

FinCap Friday: Move Over, Millennials

The first big wave of Gen Z has just become old enough to take on credit card debt, home mortgages, car loans, personal loans and student loans. Gen Z is borrowing less money after seeing the amount of debt Millennials had.

FinCap Friday: Credit Crunch

In January 2020, FICO announced the release of a brand new scoring model called, which affects the credit scores of 110 million people. With the new model, come changes to what impacts your score and what doesn't.