NGPF’s Nearpod Collection includes Nearpod lessons for our 9-Week course and Semester course!

Please note that you will need to be logged into your Nearpod account on before you click the links below to download the Nearpod lessons and add them to your Nearpod library.

As a best practice, NGPF does not recommend downloading every Nearpod lesson at one time but only the ones you plan to use in the near future. NGPF’s Nearpod lessons include several multimedia resources that can fill up the storage capacity in your Nearpod account, so only download upcoming lessons. In addition, Nearpod lessons are not live documents like Google Docs/Slides, so adding a Nearpod lesson closer to your date of instruction will ensure you have the most up-to-date version. 


Need help? Check out the NGPF Nearpod Support page


Semester Course



NGPF’s Nearpod lessons were created in Google Slides and uploaded to Nearpod. If you would like to modify your copy of an NGPF Nearpod lesson and stay consistent with the lesson’s format, fonts, and colors please refer to this document that houses the Google Slides presentations for each Nearpod lesson!


NGPF's NearPod Google Slides Template