Upcoming Virtual FinCamps and Virtual PDs

Join the NGPF team for engaging online PD experiences. 

Virtual FinCamps retain the magic of our in-person FinCamp experience as teachers collaborate through a variety of methods including voice, chat, breakout rooms and shared Google docs.

These five hour workshops provided at NO COST to participants focus on specific topics (investing, credit, insurance, taxes and careers) and will be valuable for first-time FinCampers and veterans alike. 

Here's what educators had to say about their Virtual FinCamp experience:

  • "...I'm so glad that it worked out so well online! I was very hesitant about online but it was great! Helped me practice my technology skills..."
  • "Great job! Was very impressed with the ability to change to meet virtually on such short notice. I was worried that 6 hours on Zoom would be too much, but it went very fast."

Meanwhile, our Virtual PD is a one hour (or less) video call with teachers from around the country focused on collaboration and growth. We still have a few scheduled in May.  Try a format that educators are calling "the most productive one hour of PD they experienced this school year." 


Some browsers have poor compatibility with our listings.  If you're having trouble seeing them, see our full online event listings here.