Next Gen Personal Finance deeply values the professional development of Educators across the country. NGPF now offers an NGPF Certification for Educators on specific Personal Finance topics, free of charge!


Certification Courses that are currently available: 


Course Description



This course emphasizes vocabulary, content knowledge and NGPF resources for instructional use. During the first 3 sessions, participants will build the foundational understanding of: the power of compounding, stocks and bonds. Later in the course, we will tackle mutual funds, index funds and managing risk. The final three sessions will include a lesson on how psychology impacts our investing behaviors and discussions of current trends in investing.  


Banking & Budgeting

During this course, participants will cover essential strategies and tools for successfully banking and budgeting. Throughout the 9 session course, sessions will focus on Online Banking, Overdraft Fees, Budgeting Strategies, Types of Savings Accounts, Negotiating for a Car and more!

To become NGPF Certified you must:

  • Successfully complete the 10 hour course for one content area [ex. Credit]
    • 9 hours of Professional Development (3 three hour sessions) and a 1 hour course exam.
  • Pass the exam with an 80% or better 
    • You do not have to register in advance for the exam, a link will be sent to you the day before the exam window if you are eligible
    • You may retake the exam in future exam windows if needed. 


Course Schedule

Upcoming Investing Course

Investing Cohort #3 [July 14th - July 30th]


7am - 10am PDT

10am - 1pm EDT


7/14/20 - Session 1 of 3

7/21/20 - Session 2 of 3

7/28/20 - Session 3 of 3

Exam Window

July 31st - August 3rd



11am - 2pm PDT

2pm - 5pm EDT


7/14/20 - Session 1 of 3

7/21/20 - Session 2 of 3

7/28/20 - Session 3 of 3


Exam Window

July 31st - August 3rd

Upcoming Banking & Budgeting Course

Banking & Budgeting Cohort #3 [July 15th - July 30th]


9am - Noon PDT

Noon - 3pm EDT


7/15/20 - Session 1 of 3

7/22/20 - Session 2 of 3

7/29/20 - Session 3 of 3

Exam Window

July 30th - August 3rd



1pm - 4pm PDT

4pm - 7pm EDT


7/16/20 - Session 1 of 3

7/23/20 - Session 2 of 3

7/30/20 - Session 3 of 3


Exam Window

July 30th - August 3rd


Register for Upcoming Courses



All Courses have been filled!

Registration for Cohort #3 is now closed.




Future Cohorts

Certification Course

Cohort #4

Sessions: Tentatively August 3rd - August 21st

Registration: opens July 22nd

Exam Window: Tentatively August 21st - August 24th


Frequently Asked Questions 


 Will Certification Courses affect my NGPF Academy credits for the 2020-21 School Year?

Yes! NGPF Certification Courses will count towards NGPF Academy! Each session will count towards your NGPF Academy credit count. In addition you will receive 1 hour of NGPF Academy credit when you pass the exam!

As an added bonus to your Certification, your NGPF Academy account will house the badges you have earned by completing an NGPF Certification Course! Collect them all!

In addition to that awesome NGPF swag, you will also receive Amazon gift cards as you complete 10 hour increments of PD (we will retain the mystery of the swag).


To learn more about NGPF Academy for 2020-21, follow the link here.

What can I expect for the NGPF Certification Exam?

The Exam Length

  • 30 Questions 

Exam Duration

  • 60 Minutes. Once you start the exam, the timer cannot be paused. There will be a timer on the upper right side of the page.

Exam Window

  • You will have a specific time period (usually 48 hours) in which you will need to start and complete the exam. You can view specific exam window end times by looking at your exam invitation email and clicking the link.

Exam Format

  • Multiple choice (with use of open notes)


  • You will see your results immediately after completing the exam

  • Passing grade is 80% 

Can I complete more than 1 Certification at a time?


Can I complete multiple sessions during the Thursday time slot?

Yes, you can! You must register for each separately.

No, all Thursday session are from 1pm to 4pm Pacific and are being run simultaneously. Please select only one Thursday Course to register for during a cohort.

If I miss a session, can I still take the Exam? 

Do I have to renew this yearly?

No, you will need all 3 Certification course sessions before becoming eligible for the Exam!


No! However your Certification will be dated and, just like any other Certification, getting it renewed ensures you have the most up-to-date credential and content knowledge.

Will NGPF offer other Professional Development opportunities in addition to these courses? 

Will these courses be only offered once? 


Yes, NGPF Virtual PDs will occur throughout the Summer! You can navigate by clicking Teacher PDs -> Online PDs on the tool bar or register for Virtual PDs here.

No, each of the 3 week Certification courses will be repeated throughout the summer!