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NGPF October Survey Results: What would you like the curriculum team to work on in 2021?

At NGPF we were curious about what NGPF materials teachers have been using and what teachers would like the curriculum team to work on in 2021. A special thank you to the 1,442 respondents - your feedback helps inform and shape the curriculum team's plans for next year! Here are the results:

With this information, the curriculum team has retired the 8-Hour and 18-Hour workshops to concentrate our time and efforts on the Semester, Full Year, 9-Week, and Middle School Courses.

The curriculum team was particularly curious if teachers were using the Do More/Learn More section, the Teacher Tip Videos, the Virtual Adaptations, and the Spanish Translations.


NGPF's Curriculum Team has put the top-voted topics on our calendar for 2021!

Also, congratulations to our October Survey $50 Amazon Gift Card Winner, Lena Greff, who teaches at the Mott-Regent Public School in Mott, ND. Lena provided these kind words about the NGPF curriculum:

I started with the NGPF curriculum four years ago and just absolutely love it. It has everything you need in a Personal Finance curriculum and then some. My students have come back time and time again and said how thankful they are that they learned how to manage their money. NGPF has been a lifesaver and I would definitely recommend it to anyone teaching a finance class.