Aug 10, 2020
Survey Results

NGPF Flash Survey Results: Preparing to Teach Personal Finance

At NGPF we were curious about how teachers prepared to teach personal finance and what kind of professional development (PD) opportunities educators nationwide took advantage of. Thanks to the 1,777 respondents, we have some key findings to share with you all:

  • On average, respondents had 8 years of experience teaching personal finance
  • 81% of respondents have attended PD in personal finance since starting to teach personal finance

As you can see above, 69% of respondents were either “not confident” (19%) or “slightly confident” (50%) in teaching personal finance during their first year teaching…

But, now with years of professional development sessions under their belt, 87% of respondents currently report that they are “mostly confident” (60%) or “fully confident” (27%)  in their ability to teach personal finance.


Also, congratulations to the July Flash Survey $50 Amazon Gift Card Winner, Angie Newton who teaches at the Riverside Unified School District #114 in Wathena, KS. Angie provided the following words of encouragement for her fellow teachers:

Never in a million years would I have thought that during my teaching career school would have been closed down for a pandemic and we would start the school year with so much uncertainty. But we can do it--as teachers, we are flexible, determined and we love our students! Big thank you to NGPF for all their help! They not only provide us with some awesome curriculum, but they also go beyond the curriculum and help us out by providing professional development and other tools to use in the classroom. They have gone that extra step to make these times easier for us whether we are teaching remotely or in the classroom.

About the Author

Ren Makino

Ren has been working part-time at NGPF since 2014, interning through high school and college. With his knowledge growing alongside NGPF, after graduating from college in 2020, he joined the team to work full time with a focus on teacher onboarding. He is also the editor of the NGPF podcast. During his free time, he likes to try out coffees from different roasters across the world and try out new brewing methods.

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