Feb 09, 2021
Survey Results

Nearpod Grant Survey Results RELEASED!

In the summer of 2020, NGPF began its partnership with Nearpod to provide over 1,000 personal finance teachers with 3-year Nearpod licenses! Since then, teachers have been creating and launching engaging Nearpod lessons with their students. We surveyed those teachers to get a better understanding of who NGPF’s Nearpod license grant is serving and how! There are currently 1,459 NGPF Nearpod license grant recipients, and we'll be offering license grants to another cohort this spring!

The data below is from 120 Nearpod license grant recipients who completed the survey. Here's what we learned!

1. What Grade Levels Nearpod Grant Recipients Are Teaching

Currently high school teachers make up the bulk of NGPF Nearpod license grant recipients, but NGPF recently released our Middle School Course in Nearpod as well. We're predicting more Middle School teachers will apply for our Spring cohort of license grant recipients in a few months due to the new release!


2. How Nearpod Grant Recipients Are Teaching

The 2020-2021 school year has been like no other! Some teachers have gone from live to remote to hybrid to live and back again... in the span of just a few weeks or months. Regardless of how you’re teaching, Nearpod is a tool that can support you and your students.

3. What Subject Areas Nearpod Grant Recipients Are Teaching

Personal finance is a topic many teachers are passionate about, and the topic is taught in different classes all over the country! The majority of respondents to this survey teach multiple subjects in which personal finance is embedded in their curriculum. These courses run the gamut, with Careers and Cooking, Marketing, and Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications to name a few!

4. What Nearpod Grant Recipients Like Most About Nearpod

Last but not least, our survey asked teachers a simple question: what they like most about using Nearpod. In our analysis, we then distilled their responses into commonly used key words and catchphrases. The larger the typeface in the word cloud below, the more often teachers used the word or phrase to describe Nearpod!

The top 5 most commonly used descriptors for Nearpod were:

  1. Engaging (28 mentions)
  2. Versatile (20 mentions)
  3. Interactive (17 mentions)
  4. Varied (11 mentions)
  5. Easy-to-Use (7 mentions)


It's no surprise that teachers love Nearpod - it's an incredibly popular student engagement platform throughout the nation - but we're so grateful to these phenomenal teachers for sharing specifics on what makes the platform so well-suited to their needs today.

Want to take advantage of this engaging, versatile, interactive, varied, and easy to use platform to ignite your classroom? NGPF will be reopening our Nearpod license grant application in a few months for the Spring cohort! To stay in-the-know and up-to-date, please subscribe to NGPF’s newsletter and blog! In the meantime, check out NGPF’s HS Nearpod Collection and MS Nearpod Collection!


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Tori Mansfield

After graduating from the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications in 2011, a documentary internship on master teachers led Tori into education. She taught English Language Arts for five years receiving high test results and accolades like Teacher of the Year. In 2017, Tori left the classroom and moved to the Bay Area to focus on helping school districts utilize technology to improve classroom instruction. While training educators on how to use learning management systems and educational software Tori discovered a passion for facilitating professional developments. This passion led her to Next Gen Personal Finance where she is excited to help spread financial literacy to teachers and students all over the country.

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