Nov 12, 2018
Flash Surveys

NGPF Flash Survey Results: How Do You Engage Parents?

From parent-teacher conferences to open house night to casual conversations in the grocery store, we know that teachers are dedicated to making sure parents are involved in their child's education. Thank you to all those who took this survey. Your input guides the resources we're building out that will equip schools with resources to connect parents to personal finance.


A few key results to share first:

  • 51% of respondents identify they already assign students activities and projects that require parent collaboration
  • 58% of respondents identify that they would like to provide more resources and support for parents focusing on financial education
  • 41% of respondents identify that students in their class(es) have taken the knowledge they've learned in class and taught it to their parents!




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Danielle Bautista

Danielle is a native of Southern California and a recent graduate from the University of Maine, where she braved the frigid winters—a feat in and of itself—and earned her Bachelor's degree in International Affairs. She has a passion for working with non-profit organizations and serving populations in underprivileged communities. When Danielle isn't writing NGPF blog posts, spearheading various outreach projects, or managing contests and flash surveys, you can find her doing some sort of outdoor activity, learning a new hobby, or cracking what she thinks are witty puns!

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