May 04, 2018
Survey Results

Flash Survey Results: Advocating for Financial Education

As more states move to increase access to financial education for their students, we were curious: What has your experience been in advocating for financial education? Now, with data in hand, here's a quick summary of the results:

  • 81% of respondents indicate that they have advocated for a personal finance class or content in their school, district, or state
  • Administration (64%), students (62%), colleagues (61%), and parents (60%) are the most reported supporters of financial education advocacy efforts
  • The two major barriers to increasing access to financial education are displacement of other electives (52%) and the cost of adding a new course or additional sections (48%)



For those who HAVE advocated for personal finance education:



For those who have NOT advocated for personal finance education:





Looking for resources to help you advocate for personal finance education? Check out our #FinHero page, complete with research reports and a handy Teacher Toolkit!


About the Author

Laura Matchett

After graduating with an education degree and spending 7 years in an elementary classroom, Laura made the switch to the non-profit world and loves interacting with students, educators and business professionals across the country. She is passionate about all students having access to high quality education and views personal finance education as one way to ‘level the playing field’. When Laura is not locating or creating high quality educational resources, you can find her mountain biking or searching for the best ramen in town!

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