Aug 22, 2023

10 Creative Ways Teachers Use My Financial Flipbook

As you're starting your school year, we want to spotlight a summative activity your students can complete as they progress through your class. CREATE: My Financial Flipbook works for all NGPF courses and the end result gives students a collection of their biggest takeaways from each unit that they will be able to refer back to as they move through their financial lives.

Launched within the last year, this newer activity has gained popularity with teachers because it's more than just an assignment - it's something they can use after the course is over. It's designed to be implemented either throughout your course at the end of each unit OR as a capstone project. The activity is also available in Spanish.


CREATE: My Financial Flipbook provides students with a beautiful template they can use to record their key learnings from each unit, including:

  • #UNIT TIP -- A tip you learned that you want to remember in the future (example: #InvestingTip: Buy low, sell high.)
  • DO THIS -- General best practices to manage your finances (example: Revisit my budget 2x/year to see if I need to make any adjustments.) 
  • GOALS -- What are your financial goals? When do you want to reach them? (example: Build a 6 month emergency fund by January of next year.) 
  • INSPIRATION -- Quotes, images, etc. that motivate you to reach your personal finance goals (example: a picture of Spain to motivate you to save up for an upcoming trip.) 
  • REFLECT -- What questions can you ask yourself on a regular basis to make sure your personal finances reflect your values and goals? (example: I value giving back to the community; does my budget reflect that?)

Here are 10 creative ways teachers plan to use the activity: 

  1. “Have students share with a partner to check tips for accuracy.” 
  2. "Have the students create an actual book with construction paper/decorating/designing their own books.” 
  3. “Personalize with pictures!”
  4. “I plan to do a book study that could be implemented here as well.”
  5. “Use it as a PBL project format.” 
  6. “I like the teacher tip about finding a way to share portions without sharing the whole thing - handpicked highlights.” 
  7. "Have students fill out the flip book before a case study, then after the case study have students add/change/re-write their flipbook."
  8. "Have students make a newsletter/post/blog to share with their family and friends."
  9. "Do a digital gallery walk at the end of each unit."
  10. "I like that it's a way for the teacher to judge what to keep and what to redo for the next semester."

View CREATE: My Financial Flipbook here. 

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Hannah Rael

As NGPF's Marketing Communications Manager, Hannah (she/her) helps spread the word about NGPF's mission to improve the financial lives of the next generation of Americans.

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