Apr 27, 2022

UPDATED 5/11/2022: Final CPI Contest for the Year: Predict April's CPI!

The CPI for the 12-month period ending April 2022 was announced this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and came in at....8.3%! Although it was slight, this was the first decrease in that 12-month change that we've seen in 7 months! Details here
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this month's contest and a big thanks to those of you who participated throughout the school year! There was not a lot of confidence from participants that inflation would go down and as a result the vast majority of responses predicted an increase in CPI. Our two teachers whose classrooms correctly predicted a 0.2% decrease to 8.2% are:
  • Sue Graham, Personal Finance (4th Period), Zanesville HS, Zanesville, OH
  • Denise Olander, Economics, Browerville High School, Browerville, MN
Each winning class will be receiving a $100 Amazon gift card for their efforts.

Thank you for participating! We will be evaluating the CPI contest (and other contests) to make sure we're providing the best opportunities possible to keep your students engaged. See you next school year!


Note: Since next month's CPI won't be announced until June 10, this will be the final CPI contest for this school year. Good luck to all the classrooms participating! 

Will we finally see inflation start to go down? Guide your classroom in predicting the 12-month change in CPI for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

Last month, inflation reached its highest level in 40 years at 8.5% when compared to March 2021. As we are nearing the end of the school year, NGPF will once again award a $100 Amazon gift card to up to three teachers whose students are able to correctly predict April's 12-month change in the CPI. 

First time entering the contest?

Be sure to check out our ECON: What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI) activity. This activity addresses several essential questions:

  • What is inflation?
  • How do we measure inflation? 
  • What is the Consumer Price Index?
  • How can I use the CPI to inform my discussions about the economy?

Are your students CPI prediction veterans?

We have a NEW guided discussion resource! This resource builds upon students’ previous knowledge about inflation and the CPI and guides them through analysis that will help them contribute to a group discussion. This group discussion can then be used to come up with the classroom’s prediction for this month’s CPI!

Contest details: 

  • Have your class research the importance of inflation and the CPI using the resources provided above
  • Have your class come up with ONE prediction for the CPI for the 12 month period ending April 2022, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent (example: 5.1%).
  • COMPLETE THIS FORM before 8:30am ET on May 11 to be eligible for the $100 Amazon gift card. 
  • Be sure to include details about how you discussed the topic with your students and how they came up with their prediction.
  • After the CPI is announced by BLS on May 11 at 8:30am EST, the winning classroom (up to 3 total) will be notified and will receive a $100 Amazon gift card to use at their discretion (and national bragging rights). 

Good luck!


Interested in doing more with the intersection of economics and personal finance? Be sure to check out NGPF's Econ Collection and the Econ Directory for more opportunities to connect your students with the world of economics!

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