Feb 27, 2024

NGPF Podcast Episodes from February: Learn About New Changes to the FAFSA and More!

This month NGPF was joined by Ron Lieber who shared his insights on navigating college affordability, Zoe Saunders who gave us a behind the scenes look into the production of Marketplace’s Financially Inclined podcast, and investor Paul Merriman who showed us his passion for financial literacy. 

Ron Lieber, NYT Columnist 

Ron Lieber, a renowned New York Times columnist and author of "The Price You Pay for College," joins us on the NGPF Podcast to explore the evolving landscape of college finance, particularly focusing on the significant changes to the FAFSA process. With personal stakes in the game as he prepares to send his own child off to college, Ron provides an insider’s look at the implications of these changes for families navigating college affordability. This episode delves into the complexities of financial aid, the impact of FAFSA simplification, and strategies for educators and families to effectively manage these challenges. Engage with us for a critical discussion on financial literacy, college planning, and Ron’s advocacy for making informed financial decisions in the context of higher education.

Zoe Saunders, Senior Producer at Marketplace

Zoe Saunders from Marketplace by American Public Media delves into her journey on "Financially Inclined," a podcast tailored for high school audiences that merges financial literacy with engaging storytelling. Zoe shares her experiences from producing "This Is Uncomfortable" and the discussing the importance of breaking financial taboos and empowering youth with practical financial knowledge. The episode offers a glimpse into the creative process behind podcasting, with a special focus on an episode featuring tax accountant Duke Moore, showcasing how even complex financial topics can be made accessible and entertaining. This discussion is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of finance, education, and media, promising to inspire and empower both educators and students.

Paul Merriman, Author and Investor

Paul Merriman, a seasoned financial educator and founder of an investment advisory company shares his transformative journey from a stockbroker to a passionate advocate for financial literacy, detailing his efforts to integrate personal finance education at Western Washington University. He emphasizes the significance of understanding investing basics, the benefits of index funds, and the utility of target date funds for retirement planning.

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