Question of the Day (Updated): What 3 jobs are projected to be the fastest growing over the next decade?

Nov 09, 2020
Question of the Day, Career

Answer (based on percentage growth in job category):

  1. Wind turbine service technicians
  2. Nurse Practitioners
  3. Solar photovoltaic installers

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


  1. Can you come up with any future trends or themes based on the jobs that are on this list (e.g. aging population will require more nurse practitioners)?
  2. Did any of the jobs appearing on this list surprise you?
  3. Which jobs on the list provide the highest salaries? What do you think are the educational qualifications required to get these jobs?
  4. Did this list of jobs impact how you think about your future career?

Here's the ready-to-go slides for this Question of the Day that you can use in your classroom.


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