Jul 10, 2023

2022-23 Extra Mile Award: On-Demand Modules

Which teachers completed the most On-Demand modules in the past school year? 

This week, we are celebrating the achievements of educators during the 2022-2023 school year with the annual NGPF Extra Mile Awards. Thousands of educators invested their time and effort participating in NGPF PD. The NGPF team thanks you for your commitment to financial education and for all of you who "went the extra mile." 

Today's post focuses on the educators who completed the most On-Demand modules. Future blog posts will recognize educators for their participation in NGPF Certification Courses and for overall participation in NGPF PD. 

NGPF On-Demand was introduced in January 2021 as a flexible way to accommodate your busy schedules. These self-paced modules deepen content knowledge on timely topics such as inflation, influencer marketing, bitcoin and buy now pay later. With a library of more than 40 modules to choose from, you have a lot of choice on PD you can complete at your own pace and your own schedule.

Shout out to the educators who completed more than 15,000 NGPF On-Demand modules in the 2022-2023 NGPF Academy year. 

Wondering about the the most popular modules from the last school year? Here are the top 5: 

  1. Beginner Series: Navigating the NGPF Website
  2. The Power of Habit
  3. Beginner Series: Hacks for the Student Activity Packet
  4. Job Market Mayhem
  5. Popular Budgeting Methods & Strategies

NGPF Academy recognizes and rewards educators who participate in NGPF professional development. Teachers earn NGPF swag as their credit hours accumulate. You are automatically enrolled in the NGPF Academy when you participate in a Virtual PD, complete an On-Demand module or crush an NGPF Certification Course

Congratulations to the 64 teachers recognized as NGPF Extra Mile Award winners for completing the most NGPF On-Demand modules during the 2022-2023 Academy year. All on this list have completed at least 20 modules, with the top three participants each completing 40 modules (* indicates top three).


Maria Adams* Ashland-W Holmes  Career Center  (OH)

Ron Anderson  Carlsbad High School  (CA)

Sydney Atkinson Axtell Community Schools  (NE)

Hannah Becke Delavan-Darien High School  (WI)

Kaylei Becker Kearney High School  (NE)

Heather Beebout Natrona County High School  (WY)

Fatma Bekirogullari Timber Creek Regional High School  (NJ)

Donna Benoit Terrebonne High School (LA)

Tristan Blackburn Scarlet Oaks Career Campus  (OH)

Jenn Bressert South Kitsap Senior High School WA

Janika Brice Jean Ribault Senior High School (FL)

Gina Bryson-Prieto Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School (FL)

Kyle Cardoza Washington Union High School  (CA)

Jola Carnes Osceola High School  (NE)

Jessica Christensen Lincoln Southeast High School  (NE)

Eric Cortes Franklin D. Roosevelt High School  (NY)

Linda Dannehl Southern Valley Jr/Sr High School  (NE)

Ignacio De Luna Savanna High School  (CA)

Amy Dolan  Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School (MA)

Scott Dudka Grandville High School (MI)

Brian Dunker Cedar Bluffs High School  (NE)

Nat Ellis Klamath Union High School (OR)

Dina Fanella Spring Mountain Youth  Camp (NV)

Ken Furstenau  Wilber-Clatonia High School  (NE)

Katerina Galeri* Mast Academy (FL)

Sela Garand Spann Elementary School (MS)

Sue Graham Zanesville High School  (OH)

Epley Hamilton Bellevue West Sr High School  (NE)

Margaret Hancock Bluffs Middle School  (NE)

Taylor Hankinson High Tech Los Angeles  (CA)

Stuart Hashimoto School of Business And Tourism At Contreras Learning Complex  (CA)

Alec Hess Juan Lagunas Soria Elementary School  (CA)

Sydney Hillery Ninety-Fifth Street Elementary School  (CA)

Deborah Horowitz Hawken School  (OH)

Katie Hou Sheridan Street Elementary School  (CA)

Jenny Jackson Dekalb High School (IN)

Olivia Johnstone Cicely L Tyson Community High School  (NJ)

Karen Keller Valentine Middle School  (NE)

Jace Kellington Bonney Lake High School (WA)

Matt Kuchar Bloomfield Jr-Sr High School  (NE)

Bridget Kuchar Santee High School  (NE)

Michael Kuennen Manuel J Cortez Elementary School (NV)

Frank Laughlin Platteview Central Jr. High School  (NE)

Codi Lorensen Hershey Public School  (NE)

Diane Lucas Eureka High School (MO)

Erika Marshall Beaufort High School (SC)

George Martinez Educational Partnership High School  (CA)

Jeffrey Matthews Overton High School  (NE)

Juliene Murphy Ainsworth High School  (NE)

Trent Osnes Madison High School  (NE)

Jennifer Russell Shullsburg High School  (WI)

Brooke Schmeckpeper Santee High School  (NE)

Jodi Scott Delavan-Darien High School  (WI)

Laramie Shaffer NCYF Community High School  (NE)

Elizabeth Sims Smithville Attendance Center (MS)

Pamela Stanton Accelere - Omaha Public Schools  (NE)

J. Mark Stanton Omaha North Magnet High School  (NE)

Tiffany Valencia Peterson Academic Center (NV)

Lynn Vaughan Bak Middle School Of The Arts (FL)

Kim Vierra Oregon State University- Cascades (OR)

Sophie Willadsen* Lake Asbury Elementary School (FL)

Jodie Wood Central Valley High School  (NE)

Donna Wratten Elba Secondary School  (NE)

Hannah Marie Zabel  Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School  (NE)



Visit NGPF's On Demand webpage to learn new concepts, get tips on navigating the NGPF website and be prepared for those student questions about new trends in personal finance. 

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