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Videos, Videos, Videos

Jul 23, 2017
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Stumbled upon this video trove on Ozy this morning that had some short, relevant and engaging videos that I thought your students might enjoy. Many of them ask provocative questions that can be good entry points for a class discussion: Future of Money (3:03) In your own words, what is bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Why is it popular? What is an example of an “intermediary” in the money business that bitcoin is trying to eliminate? Where do you think that you will keep your...

What Are People Reading on the NGPF Blog?

Jun 26, 2017
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Getting close to the end of June, so I thought it was worth checking our website analytics to see what new blog posts are garnering attention as the school year wound down in many parts of the country. Here are the top 5: What is Bitcoin and How Does Cryptocurrency Work?: A Primer; NGPF’s newest team member, Hari Vasu-Devan tackled this challenging topic by providing educators with information they can access when the inevitable student query comes, “Should I be investing in...

What is Bitcoin and How Does Cryptocurrency Work? (A Primer)

Jun 01, 2017
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Recently, Bitcoin, the most famous of the cryptocurrencies, has soared to all-time highs (Fortune, May 2017), increasing the amount of press attention and internet searches (Google Trends, May 2017) surrounding the little-known digital currency.  We’ve also heard this question from many of our users, “what is Bitcoin and what do my students need to know about cryptocurrencies”?  You are not alone!  83% of respondents in a 2015 survey conducted by PwC were “slightly...

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