Dec 20, 2023

Best of 2023: Most Popular Arcade Games

Wondering which NGPF Arcade game got the most plays in 2023? Each year, the total number of game plays is well into the millions. Students learn the “tricks of the loan trade” in Shady Sam, simulate being part of the gig economy in the Uber Game, and try to select the right insurance to survive in BUMMER! See which of our 11 free games came out ahead.

STAX kept its position on top with more than 2.5 million game plays. Money Magic also remained at #2 and PAYBACK slid up into the #3 spot. 

  1. STAX [Investing]
  2. Money Magic [Budgeting]
  3. Payback [Paying for College]
  4. Spent [Budgeting]
  5. Shady Sam [Credit]

View the entire NGPF Arcade. 


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