Question of the Day: What percent of people age 75 and older are still working?

Jan 09, 2018
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Answer: 8.4%

From Bureau of Labor Statistics:                                 

                                                                               1996          2006            2016         2026 


  1. Why do you think older people are still working at that age?
  2. How do you think the number of older people still in the workforce will impact you when you look for a job?
  3. Do you think your generation will be more likely to work past 75, compared to the baby boomers?
  4. What factors may determine how long you work that compared to today’s retirees?

Here's the ready-to-go slides for this Question of the Day that you can use in your classroom.


What's behind the numbers: 1.5 million Americans aged 75 and up are still working.  That number (in percentage terms) has been on the rise and is expected to continue rising.  A recent NYT article profiles some of these folks.  While many work because they are still able and it makes them happy, others work for financial reasons.  The crash of 2008 eroded their nest egg, they are still supporting children, fewer people have pensions, etc.  Why should a teenager care about this?  They are like to live longer than baby boomers (excluding the impact of the opioid epidemic), so if they don’t think they will want to be working after 70 or 75, they will have to be even more financially fit at retirement than those retiring today….and maybe the BLS will have to add a new statistic—number of Americans 90 or older in the workforce!!!!  


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