Aug 03, 2022
Curriculum Announcements

Curriculum Announcements: Updated Semester Course Diagnostic and Final Exams!

Along with updates to the Semester Course units, the diagnostic and final exams have been revamped and are ready to use!


What’s new?

  • New style and formatting
  • Improved accessibility for screen readers and other tools
  • Updated questions and answers to reflect Semester Course unit updates

In addition, the midterm exam has been removed and the Semester Course will move forward with a diagnostic and final exam, consistent with all other NGPF courses.


Where can I find the updated diagnostic and final exams?

On the Semester Course page you will find a button labeled “View Summative Assessments”. In addition to the newly updated Semester Course assessments, this page also houses assessments for the 9-Week, Full Year, and Middle School courses. As always, in order to view the answer keys you will need to be signed into your teacher account.


What happened to the retired exams?

Since a number of questions from the retired exams continue to be used in the updated exams and in order to ensure the security of our live answer keys, the retired exams and answer keys will no longer be available.


We hope that you are having a great summer and we look forward to finishing and sharing the remaining updates of NGPF’s Semester Course as we head into the upcoming school year!

-The NGPF Team


If you haven’t already, check out the Semester Course updates roadmap blog post to see what changes are happening and when!

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