Nov 13, 2023

Feast and Finance: A New Thanksgiving Picture Puzzle

Before we sit down to consume way too much turkey, it’s time to exercise your mind! We're excited to introduce a new Thanksgiving themed activity: Feast and Finance. This new activity serves up a cornucopia of picture puzzles to engage and challenge students.

 A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

The premise is simple: students are presented with a series of pictures that represent words or parts of words. The goal is to interpret the pictures to figure out the personal finance or Thanksgiving phrase. 

Seamless Integration for Teachers

We've made delivering this 15 to 20 minute long activity as smooth as pumpkin pie! You'll find everything you need neatly arranged in a Google Doc (with answer key) and Google Slides (Thanks to Leola Rutherford for creating a Google Slides with answer key!), if you want to complete this as a whole class activity. We recommend completing this activity in pairs so students can share their multiple perspectives about the meaning of each picture. There is also a word bank at the bottom of the answer key to use for modifications.

Team NGPF is thankful for all of the teachers that impact countless students every year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy, gratitude, and perhaps a puzzle or two.

About the Author

Dave Martin

Dave joins NGPF with 15 years of teaching experience in math and computer science. After joining the New York City Teaching Fellows program and earning a Master's degree in Education from Pace University, his teaching career has taken him to New York, New Jersey and a summer in the north of Ghana. Dave firmly believes that financial literacy is vital to creating well-rounded students that are prepared for a complex and highly competitive world. During what free time two young daughters will allow, Dave enjoys video games, Dungeons & Dragons, cooking, gardening, and taking naps.

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