Dec 04, 2022

NEW Course-Long Activity: CREATE: My Financial Flipbook!

Empower your students to create a collection of the most valuable things they've learned in your course!

One of the great things about financial education is that knowledge your students take away from your classroom can be used immediately--and for years to come. To take advantage of this, we've created a summative activity your students can complete as they progress through your course. The activity is also available in Spanish.

The end result is a collection of their biggest takeaways from each unit that they will be able to refer back to as they move through their financial lives. 


INTRODUCING: CREATE: My Financial Flipbook!


This brand new summative activity provides students with a beautiful template they can use to record their biggest takeaways from each unit, including:

  • #UNIT TIP -- A tip you learned that you want to remember in the future (example: #InvestingTip: Buy low, sell high.)
  • DO THIS -- General best practices to manage your finances (example: Revisit my budget 2x/year to see if I need to make any adjustments.) 
  • GOALS -- What are your financial goals? When do you want to reach them? (example: Build a 6 month emergency fund by January of next year.) 
  • INSPIRATION -- Quotes, images, etc. that motivate you to reach your personal finance goals (example: a picture of Spain to motivate you to save up for an upcoming trip.) 
  • REFLECT -- What questions can you ask yourself on a regular basis to make sure your personal finances reflect your values and goals? (example: I value giving back to the community; does my budget reflect that?)


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Which courses is this for?
  • A: All of them! You can modify the activity as needed based on how much content you cover in your course. 

  • Q: Where can I find it?
  • A: You can bookmark the activity here OR each unit page has a link to the Summative Assessments page, where you can find this activity by clicking the "Summative Project" button.

  • Q: When should I use this activity?
  • We recommend doing this activity at the end of each unit so that students can do their work throughout the course and add to the final product over time. However, you may also do this activity at the end of your course. In this case, you may want to have students do this activity as a group project, where each student is responsible for a few units.


We are so excited to share this new activity with you and we can't wait to see what your students create! - NGPF Curriculum Team

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Ryan grew up with and maintains a love for learning. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a degree in Business Administration and worked in sports marketing for a number of years. After living in Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, and Minnesota, the call of education eventually brought Ryan back to his home state of Wisconsin where he was a Business and Marketing teacher for three years. In his free time he likes to spend time with his wife and daughter, play basketball, read, and go fishing. Now with NGPF, Ryan is excited to help teachers lead the most important course their students will ever take.

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