Aug 10, 2022

Edpuzzle: How to Build Credit from Scratch!

Today we have TWO videos that might help your students save thousands in on to find out how!

The first video from TwoCents is titled "How to Build Credit from Scratch!" and it details the steps you can take to start building your credit score from the bottom up by diving into some of the options available to new users to credit.



The second video is a re-release from our video library titled "What Goes Into Your Credit Score?" This video dives deeper into the individual factors that impact your score and how to keep increasing your credit once you have it!



Interested in more Edpuzzle videos? Visit our Video Library and type in "Edpuzzle" into the search bar at the top to view the rest of our Edpuzzle videos!


Note: You do NOT need to create an account to ACCESS Edpuzzle videos. But if you do create free teacher and student accounts, you will then be able to capture and save student responses. For more tips and tricks on how to best implement these videos in your classroom, check out Amanda Volz's Tech Tip video. If you would like more information, visit the Edpuzzle Teacher Support page!



Want to see just how much making only the minimum payments can cost you? Find out in this activity: MATH: The Cost of Minimum Payments


Looking for a fun activity to get students moving and exploring how actions affect their credit score? Try: MOVE: Up and Down With Credit Scores

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