Interactive Monday: How are you using your time?

Nov 24, 2019
Interactive, Budgeting

Time management is a critical skill for all high school students to master. While students may not have much of their own money to budget, they do have time. This interactive from Flowing Data allows students to see what activities the typical 15-24 year old is doing at a specific time. The students are able to choose three variables: gender, age and time of day. They can toggle the time of day to see how activities will vary throughout the day. Here's an example: 


  • Map out your typical 24 hour day (school day) and identify the activities that you are doing for the entire 24 hour period. 
  • Think about what your life will be like at 23 and create a daily plan accounting for every hour at that age (assume its a workday). 
  • Compare your day with the typical 15-24 year old in this interactive. How is your life similar? How is it different? 
  • Why do you think there is so much variance (so many different activities at a given time) for 15-24 year olds? 


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