Nov 08, 2023

Interactive: Listed (guess the home's list price)

How close can you get to the selling price of homes from across the country?

Craftsman or colonial? East Coast or West Coast? Maybe the Midwest? A seemingly endless list of variables can impact the price of a house. The Listed game, styled loosely after the hit game Wordle, gives players a picture of a house and has them guess its price, then you get clues as to whether your next guess should be higher or lower. For each guess, the game reveals another piece of information that could help narrow your guess to the correct range. As your students are learning about the process of buying a house in NGPF's mini-unit, test their ability to evaluate real estate listings with Listed!

A small house made of hundred dollar bills


  • What factors do you think contribute most to the value of a home?
  • Describe different ways in which the location of a property can influence its selling price.
  • How can knowing the history of a property's sale price be beneficial when evaluating its current value?
  • What are some other costs associated with purchasing a home that might not be included in the listing price?
  • In this game, you make an educated guess based on limited information. How does this compare to the real process of determining an offer for a home?


Listed can be a great bell ringer for NGPF's Buying a House mini-unit!


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