May 18, 2023

Interactive: Visualizing the American Workforce as 100 People

There are roughly 164 million workers in America. What would it look like if there were only 100?

How good are you at visualizing a group that includes hundreds of millions of people? If you were told that 2% of Americans workers are architectural engineers, would you have any way of imagining what that looks like?

Here's where this helpful (and cute) infographic comes into play. By reducing the size of the American workforce down to just 100 people, it gives a visual representation of how many people work in different industries. So by taking a set of data that's rather hard to visualize and simplifying it, it makes the information more accessible for students (or anyone) without losing its core message.

Head over to Visual Capitalist or click the image below to check it out!


The words "America's workforce as 100 people" and cartoon drawings of people in different industries.  


  • Are there any industries in the infographic that you're interested in? How much of the workforce do they make up according to the image?
  • What is the most interesting piece of information you took away from the infographic?
  • What is an industry that is much larger or smaller today than it was in the past? Are there any industries you think will have a large shift in size in the future? Explain why.
  • What is another topic or set of data that you think would benefit from having a simpler way of being presented like this one?


NGPF's Career unit will have your students ready to take their first steps into the workforce.


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