Jun 01, 2023

Interactive: Why Do People Keep or Leave Their Jobs?


Should I stay or should I go? Check out how these workers ranked which factors were most influential in keeping or leaving their jobs.

The Great Resignation (aka the Great Re-Imagination) gave us an era where more people than ever were leaving their jobs. This trend has slowed, but people are relatively mobile when it comes to their career thanks to a job market with plenty of opportunities. Money might be an obvious answer when it comes to why people look for and accept new jobs--but what else is driving these decisions? Click the image below or the link to the interactive from McKinsey & Company to see how tech workers responded.


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  • This data comes from workers in the tech industry. Do you think the results would be similar for other industries? 
  • Career development and advancement potential was the highest rated answer in 3 out of 4 of the surveyed populations. How important is this factor for you when thinking about your career options? 
  • From the factors in the survey, which three are most important to you and why?
  • Are there any factors not listed in the survey that would impact whether you would keep or leave a job?


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