Jan 22, 2023

Highlights from Checking Accounts & Linear Equations - Unit 2

If you're working at the fast clip of finishing all of NGPF's Financial Algebra course in one semester this spring, you're likely preparing to move onto Unit 2 - Checking & Linear Equations. And, even if you're not quite there yet in the curriculum, we've got some tips on how to best use the materials on the right-hand side of the Financial Algebra page

Once you head over to Financial Algebra, you'll click Unit 2 on the left-hand column, and then the seven lessons about checking accounts and linear equations will populate in the center column. In the center, you'll also find the Unit Plan at the top and Unit Exam at the bottom -- make sure you're logged into your verified teacher account to have access to exams. But, then, direct your attention to the right-hand column. 

First, Math Activities

This section lists the math activities, created by NGPF, that appear in this particular unit of the Financial Algebra Course. So, if you are teaching the full lesson plans from Fin Alg Unit 2, you will find both of these resources already conveniently embedded in the lessons. But, if you want to pull them out separately, you'll find their student-facing worksheets and answer keys by clicking the links. CREATE: Linear Pattern Jigsaw is particularly fun because each group receives a pattern card and then collaborates to depict their pattern as a chart, a graph, an algebraic expression, and as words. 


Second, Personal Finance Resources

Hands down, in Unit 2 Checking & Linear Equations, if there's only ONE resource you've got to try, it's the newly updated Online Bank Sim. Although it's got nothing to do with linear equations explicitly, it's a carefree way for your students to test out online banking without consequences or access to personal information. As a matter of fact, NGPF never collects your students' biographical information EVER. There are no student accounts to create, no personal data to collect. 


Third, Desmos Activities

NGPF has built out a pretty primo set of activities for Desmos Classroom. If you're a Desmos devotee, check out either Writing Linear Equations and Checking or Linear Equations from Checking Word Problems, both of which perfectly mix and mingle the personal finance concept of checking accounts with algebra practice around linear equations. It's a fun way to review algebra needed for state exams, graduation requirements, or plain old math skill building. 

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When I started working at Next Gen Personal Finance, it's as though my undergraduate degree in finance, followed by ten years as an educator in an NYC public high school, suddenly all made sense.

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