Nov 20, 2022

Math Monday: How 20 Teachers Use Financial Algebra

Financial Algebra is coming to life in your classrooms! We talked to over 20 teachers across the country about how they’re using the NGPF Financial Algebra course. Here's what they said.


What 3 words would you use to describe Financial Algebra?

Relevant, engaging, and applicable were the three most common descriptors. 

Describe the class you’re teaching with Financial Algebra.

Many teachers were:

  • Using Financial Algebra as a full-year course
  • Offering Financial Algebra as an alternative math credit to meet graduation requirements
  • Teaching 11th- and 12th-grade students with a broad range of math skills and needs


How are students responding to the course?

We loved hearing about your students! Here are some highlights:

  • “They love that it is all based in the real world and unlike any other math course they've ever taken. The different activities keep them engaged and they understand why this course is so important to their lives.”
  • “They are more engaged with the content as it applies to real life”
  • “The math skills are empowering for our students”


How do you customize NGPF Financial Algebra lessons?

Here are some of the ways teachers are making Financial Algebra their own:

  • Jigsaws: Using a gallery walk or jigsaw for the personal finance resources, especially articles
  • Varying formats: Alternating between on-paper and online learning - students are craving variety!
  • Chunked readings: Breaking readings into smaller sections or pulling out key points to highlight
  • Extra math practice: Reviewing foundational math skills in each lesson’s Do Now
  • Extra personal finance: Supplementing each unit with additional NGPF personal finance activities
  • Projects: Creating end-of-unit summative projects
  • Student Choice: Selecting portions of the Application Problems, Pick-3 Practices, and 5-Point Practices


…and the many ways teachers are using Application Problems:

  • Extra Application levels for homework, extra credit, assessments, and sub lessons
  • Level 1 as independent practice; Level 2 as homework
  • One class period for the math lesson; one class period to complete all levels of the Application. 
  • Students choose any level to complete for their exit ticket


Do you teach Financial Algebra? Fill out this Google Form Survey before November 30th to share your thoughts!

We’d specifically like to hear from high school teachers who are using NGPF’s Financial Algebra as the primary curriculum for a semester- or year-long course. At this time, we will not be providing gift cards for participation in this shorter-form survey.


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Kathryn (she/her) is excited to join the NGPF team after 9 years of experience in education as a mentor, tutor, and special education teacher. She is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in policy analysis and management and has a master's degree in education from Brooklyn College. Kathryn is looking forward to bringing her passion for accessibility and educational justice into curriculum design at NGPF. During her free time, Kathryn loves embarking on cooking projects, walking around her Seattle neighborhood with her partner and dog, or lounging in a hammock with a book.

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