Aug 06, 2023

Math Monday: How to Integrate TI Calculators Into NGPF Activities

Financial decision-making involves math - let’s build students’ confidence in both! Using graphing calculators in personal finance, students can learn to navigate financial formulas and get to the heart of thorny questions, like how much house can I afford? And how much should I be investing for retirement? Here's how you can get started using TI graphing calculators with NGPF activities.


The Finance Solver

To get started, we’ll focus on the Finance Solver. The Finance Solver is a versatile application that is found in many TI graphing calculators, including TI-84 and TI-Nspire calculators, that can be used to solve problems about loans and investments. 

 Screenshot of the Finance Solver application on a graphing calculator


If you’re not familiar with the Finance Solver yet, check out these introductory videos that walk you through how to access and use the Finance Solver, depending on your calculator.


NGPF Activities to Pair with the Finance Solver

If you’re comfortable with a calculator and ready to dive in on your own, head over to the NGPF Math Activities page to find the perfect activity for your math classroom. Otherwise, keep reading for our curated selection of activities to pair with a graphing calculator.


Getting started

These activities keep it simple. Students fill in fields on the Finance Solver, then use it to solve for the missing variable.


Leveling up

These activities step up the complexity by adding in the amortization function as well.


Don't miss out!

Check out these webinar recordings for more tips and tricks on using graphing calculators in personal finance.

Plus, explore more free activities on Texas Instrument's new Financial Literacy page!


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