Aug 20, 2023

Math Monday: Ready-To-Go Slides Profiling 30 Mathematicians

At the start of the school year, you’re getting to know your students and cultivating their buy-in that math matters. We hope this slide deck makes that a little bit easier! With diverse profiles of 30 math professionals, students can see how they might use math in the real world. They might even move one step closer to seeing themselves as a “math person!"


Check out Math in Action: Celebrating Great Mathematicians

This slide deck compiles all the profiles of mathematicians previously featured in NGPF’s heritage month blog posts. Each profile features a photo, short biography, resource to learn more, and discussion questions.

Screenshot of an example slide profiling John Urschel

The full list of mathematicians can be found in the Table of Contents.

Screenshot of the Table of Contents listing all the mathematicians.

Implementation Ideas

Here's how you might use these profiles in your classroom. If you'd like to modify the slide deck for your classroom, be sure to click "file" and "make a copy".

  • Start a Mathematician of the Week routine.
    No extra prep time needed! You can pull from our curated resources and pre-made discussion questions to have each week’s profile ready to go. 
  • Easy classroom decoration.
    Print out the first profile slide for each mathematician for easy wall decoration.
  • Create a bulletin board.
    Print out the first profile slide for a handful of mathematicians. Consider making it interactive with a QR code that students can scan to see the additional resource. Or, post one of the discussion questions and provide post-it notes for students to write responses.


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