May 05, 2022

Math Pizza Party Winners & NEW Pizza Party Contest!

Find out the winners of April's Pizza Party Contest. Learn what it takes to win the May edition!

NGPF held its second-ever “Why Math Matters” contest in April, focusing on students' answers to the prompt, "Why does math matter when discussing investing? Why is it important to invest early?" Students in middle and high school classrooms throughout the U.S. participated, then their teachers selected up to 3 of their favorite contest submissions as finalists. From there, the NGPF Math Curriculum Team selected the 3 classrooms with the best overall submissions.

Congratulations to the winning classrooms, whose teachers will each be awarded $150 in local restaurant gift cards to host pizza parties for their students! Well done!

  • Telly Brannon's Class from Bay Creek Middle School in Grayson, GA
  • Brian Hemsworth’s Class from the Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas, NV
  • Kimberly Koerner's Class from Lightridge High School in Aldie, VA

Missed out on April's "Why Math Matters" contest? We're running another!

Your students can win a pizza party in our final Pizza Party Contest of the school year!

We're celebrating the release of the NEW Types of Credit and Modeling Functions Unit in NGPF's Financial Algebra Course with another exciting Pizza Party Contest!


Step 1: Assign the following prompt for students...

  1. Watch this video about the recent increase in mortgage interest rates.
  2. Based on the loans referenced in the video, make a prediction about how much EXTRA interest a home buyer would pay in 2022 vs 2021, assuming they made a 5% down payment.
  3. Use Intuit's Amortization Calculator to calculate the monthly payment and total interest paid on the two home sales referenced in the video.
  4. Summarize how high demand for homes and an increase in interest rates can have a long term effect on the total cost of a home.

A strong response will include a visual or graph component! Students may respond in a 250-word max written response, 2min max video response, 2min max audio response, poster, infographic, or 10-slide-max powerpoint deck.

Step 2: TEACHERS, select up to three of your favorite responses, then complete this contest form ONCE.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, May 20th, 2022, 11:59pm Eastern Time


  1. We're giving away THREE (3) $150 pizza parties to the teachers whose students submit the BEST responses.
  2. Teachers will receive gift cards to local restaurants, which they then use to purchase pizza parties for their class(es).
  3. NGPF Staff will review submissions and select winners by 5:00pm ET on Friday, May 27, 2022.

Good luck, young financial mathematicians!

About the Authors

Kathryn Dawson

Kathryn (she/her) is excited to join the NGPF team after 9 years of experience in education as a mentor, tutor, and special education teacher. She is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in policy analysis and management and has a master's degree in education from Brooklyn College. Kathryn is looking forward to bringing her passion for accessibility and educational justice into curriculum design at NGPF. During her free time, Kathryn loves embarking on cooking projects, walking around her Seattle neighborhood with her partner and dog, or lounging in a hammock with a book.

Dave Martin

Dave joins NGPF with 15 years of teaching experience in math and computer science. After joining the New York City Teaching Fellows program and earning a Master's degree in Education from Pace University, his teaching career has taken him to New York, New Jersey and a summer in the north of Ghana. Dave firmly believes that financial literacy is vital to creating well-rounded students that are prepared for a complex and highly competitive world. During what free time two young daughters will allow, Dave enjoys video games, Dungeons & Dragons, cooking, gardening, and taking naps.

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