Feb 06, 2017

Teacher Submitted Question: What does being an "NGPF Fellow" entail?

Great question! If you’ve done any reading on our website, you may have noticed that last summer’s Inaugural Summer Institute participants became this academic year’s NGPF Fellows. Jill L from Wyoming wrote in to ask what exactly being an “NGPF Fellow” entails. The answer I gave Jill …

Everyone who attends Summer Institute automatically becomes an NGPF Fellow for the following school year as part of the Summer Institute commitment. In 2016-17, the program is structured so that the Fellows all have a menu of items they can select from — providing feedback on a lesson/activity, being a podcast guest, doing a PLC, writing a guest blog post, helping us present a conference workshop in their area, etc. Each item is worth a set number of points, and the Fellows each have to earn 100 points by the end of the school year to fulfill their commitment and receive an additional stipend.
We haven’t 100% worked out all of the details for next year, but I imagine it will follow something similar to what we’re doing this year.
Participation as a Fellow helps continue the networking and friendships created over the summer, provides NGPF with the valuable insight and feedback we need to keep innovating, and supports our greater teacher community. We love our Fellows and hope you’re considering joining us at Summer Institute!
In case you missed it, you may want to read current Fellow Maureen Neuner’s blog piece on her experience at Institute.

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