What I'm Reading This Weekend (July 28-29)

Jul 27, 2018
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Personal Finance

  • The Washington Post helps you calculate your net worth.
  • Here is a good one from NPR to follow up on my Digging Deeper on teen summer jobs.
  • There are great graphics in this article from Axios comparing what 30-year olds face now (2016) versus 40 years ago.
  • When you consider the costs involved in processing credit cards, this Slate article discusses why some businesses are going cash free!!!
  • Curious about Robo Advisors? Money magazine takes a closer look and sums up the robo-advisor options for you.
  • How about a 4-day work week? (would be great for teachers….not so sure about the kids!) One New Zealand company tried it out, and it had lots of advantages!
  • Some cultural gender norms are slow to change. This NY Times article takes a look at couples (around 25% of opposite gender marriages) where the woman earns more than the man.
  • Higher Education leads to more stable employment and higher incomes, right? Sadly, not for all.


  • The relationship between corporate earnings and stock prices is a tricky one in the short term. (The Bogle book puts the long term relationship in perspective.) Here is the NY Times article behind this week’s Digging Deeper.
  • A good example: Facebook had second quarter revenue growth of 40%, yet it lost $120 billion in market cap Thursday….the loss is bigger than 457 of the S&P 500 companies! There is obviously more to the story.
  • Growth of ETF’s has been huge (2200 and counting) – is this a good thing or not?



  • NPR had some great parenting articles this week. The first one was on Raising Brilliant Kids. The second one was on one of my favorite topics: OVERPARENTING!
  • Trying to eat a healthy diet? Worried about your consumption of animal products? This Atlantic article spells it out for you:

At this point, the clearest drawbacks to consuming animal products are not nutritional but environmental, with animal agriculture contributing to antibiotic resistance, deforestation, and climate change….


Just for kicks--check out this infographic:


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